We have an Internship Job Opening
Company: BlackHawk Industrial
Company website: www.blackhawkid.com
Position: Intern
Date Available: Summer 2015
Location: TBD
Deadline for Application: 02/1/15
Submitted by: Heather Bruggman
Email Reply: [email protected]


Company Information:
BlackHawk Industrial, Inc. stays intensively focused on listening to our customers’ needs and providing them creative and innovative supply chain management solutions. As an industrial distributor, we provide the highest quality industrial supplies and equipment from the premier suppliers in the marketplace. Our employees have fun every day exceeding the expectations of our customers, suppliers, and shareholders.


Benefits: The BlackHawk Industrial Internship program is a practical work experience with the fastest growing industrial distribution company in the U.S. This internship program is designed to provide the student with a “real life” account of business strategy, creative office environment, operations knowledge, and customer management experience. Summary: BlackHawk Industrial’s core culture is to responsibly give back to the community and to mentor employees personally and professionally in the workplace. BlackHawk Industrial extends its commitment every day by living a culture of fun, creativity, excitement and enjoyment. With this spirit BlackHawk Industrial is excited to offer an internship program to UNK ID students who have the passion to forward and deepen their educational experience. This internship will require the student to execute the disciplines and skills they have acquired through their academic career. This internship will require the student to complete 460 hours and a presentation of their internship at the conclusion of their time at BlackHawk Industrial. Program Process: The BlackHawk Industrial Internship program outline is not set in stone. An Individual Development Plan (IDP) will be created for each program participant. It will serve as a valuable tool during the internship to set goals and plan resources to gain and make commitments. The IDP is a device that the intern and his/her mentor can use to both communicate and clarify expectations.


Essential Components and Goals: IDPs will be designed around specific learning objectives for each intern. The learning objectives will be focused to either an operational track or a sales track but will consist of the following components. – Inside/Outside Sales – Manufacturer sales, marketing, or operation functions. – Distribution and Product Management – Product Training – Customer Service IDPs will clearly indicate how the learning objectives will be accomplished. Examples include: project outlines, timetables for completion of tasks, and/or formal training. IDPs will be treated as planning documents to be reviewed periodically with the mentor and revise as appropriate. BlackHawk Industrial is committed to making that experience impactful for every student, regardless of his/her skill level. Each Student has the opportunity to: – Experience day to day business operations – Experience and manage client interactions and expectations – Experience and understand sales and the sales cycle – Experience and participate in a fun and engaging work environment – Understand the responsibilities of being a part of a team and the impact of each role – Understand the demands and interactions in a sales and customer service driven business – Contribute to the research and development of ongoing product development and refinement.


How to Apply:
BlackHawk Industrial is extremely exciting to be offering an internship to a student(s) who possesses the passion to jump right in and make a contribution to this fast growing company. The ideal candidate for this internship will be able to work 40+ hours a week during the summer of the internship and possess the qualities to meet the performance measurements outlined. Please send a copy of your resume and transcripts to Heather Bruggman at [email protected] or call 918-610-4723 for more information.