We have an Internship Job Opening
Company: CED – BgBsupply.com
Company website: http://bgbsupply.com
Position: Intern
Date Available:
Location: Omaha
Deadline for Application: 05-01-2014
Submitted by: Matt Howe
Email Reply: [email protected]


Company Information:
BgBsupply.com is a new start up company, backed by CED, aimed at online distribution. If interested please check out http://bgbsupply.com and http://beyondthegraybox.com.


This internship will tailor our standard internship to the online space. Typical internship will be a 12 week version of our sales/management program: warehouse, counter sales, purchasing, outside sales, and projects unique to the sales location where you are working.


ID Program Major, ability to pass pre-employment testing and interviews.


How to Apply:
First go online and explore both http://bgbsupply.com or http://beyondthegraybox.com. If interested email or career fair.