We have an Internship Job Opening
Company: Hartfiel Automation
Company website: www.hartfiel.com
Position: Summer Intern
Date Available:
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Deadline for Application: 02/01/2012
Submitted by: Dan Beix
Email Reply: [email protected]


Company Information:
At Hartfiel Automation, we provide pneumatic, hydraulic, and motion control solutions for our clients in a wide range of industries. With a 53 year history as a profitable organization, our organization provides products and solutions to customers who make equipment of all types and those that require more automation in their manufacturing process. We believe in our employees and we believe in providing superior customer service for our clients.


This Sales Engineering internship program at Hartfiel Automation is designed for students at University of Nebraska – Kearney and the Industrial Distribution program. The intent of this program is to provide the student with insight and valuable experience within Hartfiel Automation, a technical distributor of fluid power and motion control components. This program will be successful if the Intern gains an understanding of how Hartfiel works as an organization and what type of role the Intern would like to strive for in the future. In addition, success will be determined by the results of project work. Depending on the incumbent’s skill set and interests, project work will be provided. This provides ownership and accountability beyond the daily interaction with various business units. These projects may include communication with customers, vendors, suppliers, and other Hartfiel employees. Projects may also include interaction with various software like Solidworks, Tour De Fource or our CRM package. Engagement Schedule: The following schedule outlines where an Intern’s time would be directed over a 12 week period of time. A mentor in Inside Sales (IS) will be assigned to each Intern to ensure time is optimized and we adhere to the schedule below. Week 1 Value Added Assembly Week 2 4 Days IS / 1 Day Outside Sales Week 3 Value Added Assembly Week 4 3 Days IS / 1 Day OS / 1 Day Application Engineering Week 5 1 Day Shipping & Receiving / 2 Days Purchasing / 2 Days Quality Week 6 3 Days IS / 1 Day OS / 1 Day Aps Week 7 2 Days IS / 2 Days OS / 1 Day Project Week 8 2 Days IS / 2 Days OS / 1 Day Project Week 9 2 Days IS / 1 Days OS / 2 Day Project Week 10 2 Days IS / 1 Days OS / 2 Day Project Week 11 2 Days IS / 1 Days OS / 2 Day Project Week 12 2 Days IS / 1 Days OS / 2 Day Project We understand there may be some adjustments to this schedule as other valuable opportunities become apparent. Weekly conversations with HR will be scheduled to ensure the Intern’s summer experience is going well.


The ideal candidate for this role will be a Junior with one year remaining in the ID program. It is important to have a curious mind set with a technical skill base. To be successful in our sales roles, an individual must have strong technical skills and strong people skills (communication skills). For much of the project work, it will be beneficial to be self-directed and able to draw in other resources as needed.


How to Apply:
Please send resume and cover letter to Dan Beix at Hartfiel Automation. [email protected] Subject: Summer Internship 2013