We have an Internship Job Opening
Company: CED – Consolidated Electrical Distributors
Company website: www.cedcareers.com
Position: Internship
Date Available: Summer 2018
Location: Various locations all across the U.S.
Deadline for Application: No Deadlline
Submitted by: Justin Brunken
Email Reply: [email protected]



Company Information:
CED is one of the nation’s largest electrical supply distribution networks, with nearly 600 locations. We distribute just about every piece of equipment that keeps your lights on, your energy flowing and your lifestyle comfortable. Our products – and opportunity – are all around you.



Get a head start on your career. CED offers competitive, paid internships for juniors and seniors to experience the electrical industry hands-on, from eight different perspectives. It provides unique insight into CED’s culture and career opportunities for the right individual. Cliff’s Notes version of sales/management trainee program: – Electrical Fundamentals


• Supplier Product Seminars

• Financial Management

• Inventory Control

• Corporate Administrative Exposure

• Management Information Systems

• Warehouse Operations

• Counter Sales

• Sales & Interpersonal Skills

• Personal Development Courses

• Customer Relations

• Inside Sales

• Account Assignment

• Marketing or custom projects



Come wanting to learn, work, play and be apart of something big.


• Smart, high energy people with an entrepreneurial attitude

• Strong work ethic

• Passion for achieving goals

• Dedication to personal improvement

• Unyielding determination in the face of obstacles and challenges

• Great people skills and a professional demeanor

• Desire to be paid for performance



How to Apply:
Please email us at [email protected], apply online at cedcareers.com or visit with us at the UNK Career Fair.