New hires are expected to be technologically astute, have the ability to sell, and perform important job tasks. JOB TASKS common to all six occupational categories

  • Manages customer accounts, assess sales opportunities, and seek new business
  • Attends sales and trade meetings
  • Stays current via publications and electronic media related to trends, issues, developments, and market conditions
  • Analyzes and evaluates customer base and their equipment, product and service requirements
  • Conducts sales presentations to individuals and groups
  • Recommends and promotes sale of equipment and products, including maintenance, repair, operating and production (MROP) supplies and services to meet customer requirements
  • Demonstrates application of equipment and products
  • Solicits orders
  • Negotiates price, deliverables, terms and conditions
  • Prepare sales contracts and sales reports
  • Trains end-users in equipment and/or product use and maintenance

Job tasks specific to:

Agricultural Sales Reps:

  • Sells agricultural products and services such as farm, ranch, dairy, and veterinarian supplies
  • Demonstrates use and care of agricultural equipment and machines

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sales Reps:

  • Sells chemical or pharmaceutical products and services, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, medicines, drugs, and water treatment supplies
  • Distributes samples

Electrical and Electronic Sales Reps:

  • Sells electrical products and services to the industrial, commercial, residential, utility, voice/data comm, educational, and medical marketplace
  • Sells electronic equipment and components to industrial and government establishments

Mechanical Equipment and MROP Supplies Sales Reps:

  • Sells equipment, machinery, tooling, automated devices, and industrial materials
  • Specializes in a line of products such as aircraft equipment, machine tools, railroad equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, hydraulic/pneumatic devices and equipment, etc

Medical Sales Reps:

  • Sells medical equipment, devices, products and services to doctors, dentists, lab technicians, hospitals, medical schools, nursing homes, and retail establishments
  • Writes specifications to order custom-made surgical appliances

Instrumentation Sales Reps:

  • Sells precision instruments
  • Assists customers with product selection utilizing knowledge of engineering specifications and applications technology resources

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