We have an Internship Job Opening
Company: Riekes Equipment
Company website: www.RiekesEquipment.com
Position: Sales Internship
Date Available:
Location: Omaha
Deadline for Application: March 31
Submitted by: Ed Ketcahm
Email Reply: [email protected]


Company Information:
Riekes Equipment Company was founded in 1936 by Samuel Riekes, his sons Max and Henry, and son-in-law Mort Richards. From the original business recycling bottles in the barn, the business grew along with the material handling industry itself to include conveyors, hand trucks, and eventually lift trucks. Riekes began in Omaha, but we’ve expanded throughout the last eight decades, always adapting to changing economic realities and improving technologies to serve our customers as best we can.


Intern will get the entire Riekes Experience through sales, parts, service and the operations of the business. After the first few weeks the emphasis will be on outside sales. Interns go out into the field with Riekes salesmen to see different applications in action! They will be able to learn proper material handling solutions and sales techniques when dealing with different customers.


UNK ID Student who is available for the intership program. We are also looking for someone who is Outgoing, Personable, Willing to Learn, and Stands Out from their peers.


How to Apply:
In person interviews at ID Kearney Career Fair. Also an interview can be set up on the phone. Interviews will be conducted in person and there may be a follow up interview.