We have an Internship Job Opening
Company: Winsupply – Lincoln, NE
Company website: www.winsupplyinc.com
Position: Intern
Date Available:
Location: Lincoln, NE
Deadline for Application: December 1, 2016
Submitted by: Eric Leatherman
Email Reply: [email protected]


Company Information:
This internship would rotate between three Lincoln Winsupply Companies: Cornhusker Winnelson- a plumbing wholesaler, Lincoln Windustrial- a commercial and industrial pipe, valve and fitting wholesaler, and Lincoln Winwater- a utilities and waterworks wholesaler.


The program will involve 4 weeks served at each of our 3 locations in a revolving schedule. Each 4 week program will cover the following areas of our business: • Week 1 – An overview of all company operations for the first day, followed by comprehensive training in warehouse operations, to include: shipping, receiving, material handling, safety procedures, jobsite deliveries and warehouse layout efficiencies. • Week 2 – You will cover inside sales and purchasing functions. You will shadow the appropriate personnel at each location and learn bin locating, purchase order forecasting and placement, counter sales and customer service/support. • Week 3 – This week will focus primarily on outside sales. You will shadow sales people on sales calls, be asked to present product information to customers and assist with order taking and filling. All sales processes will be covered. You should keep a log of sales calls and assist with follow up on any issues or concerns with the customer. • Week 4 – The final week at each location will be spent shadowing the president of the location. The goal is to teach you management skills and company practices, including: sales meetings and analysis, review and understanding of company financial statements, and operational process control.


-Strong work ethic and moral values -Ability to safely lift and handle material weighing up-to 75 pounds -Clean driving record -Must pass pre-employment drug screen and background check


How to Apply:
Send resume to [email protected] or contact Brian Rote, Creighton Demuth, or Eric Leatherman at the WinWholesale/Winsupply booth at the October career fair.